Hi-tech Shoes

The shoe has been around for hundreds of years and been the primary way of taking us places. There have been many reinventions of the shoe during this time period, but nothing like this has been done before. A shoe that will provide you directions.


The  linear lights on the left shoe displays the distance, and the circular lights on the right shoe displays the direction to walk. It is a very unique a simplistic way of giving traveling instructions.

The shoes contain a lot of electronics embedded in them. A GPS receiver, basic software capabilities, and wireless to allow the two shoes to communicate with each other. Check out the video below to see how they work and the theory behind them.

From the video, it seems the the implementation of this is still a bit rough. However, add a Bluetooth connection to a phone and maybe a device to generate power from the energy used in walking, and these shoes would be amazing.

What other opportunities are there in having clothing embedded with technology?

 Found via Core77.