I happened to find the poster below created by a designer, Joey Roth, which I think is a very interesting analogy for the design process. It could probably be applied to many other processes too.

Inspiration poster by Joey Roth 
It may be a bit hard to see the words, and thus be helpful to zoom in. To summarize my interpretation of the poster for the design process:

Inspiration- The primer which starts an irreversible process, that literally begins with a bang.
Discipline- The meticulous necessary work (a casing with precise dimensions) to ensure energy is properly directed.
Risk- The gunpowder which comes with any project. Using it has the potential to blow up in your face or drive you to amazing success.
Humility- The attitude surrounding the concept you are driving forward.
But this is just my interpretation. Others may have different insights. Out of all these principles, I think humility (the bullet), is one of the most interesting in this analogy, and probably the most abstract. What are your ideas of this poster, how would you summarize it?

Found via Joey Roth's website.