Seeing the light

I've done some posts of great designs from Kickstarter before, but the LIFX bulb entirely amazing! I love the idea of an energy efficient light bulb which can be customized to the color of your choosing (a major draw back of the new CFL bulbs is the almost "fake" blueish color), and so much more. Check out a the video below to see this amazing bulb (the really cool stuff starts at 1:10).

I can't wait to see some of the additional hacks that are done with this bulb. I could totally see an alarm clock with gradually brightens your room, or who knows what else. You can see others think the project will be a success, as it has been funded over 1300% of what they were initially asking for.

What makes this project so amazing, is that it allows the user to interact with light in new dimensions (color, time, event based) which they never could have before. What other common objects are there around us today, which technology could provide new dimensions of interaction?

Found via bestofyoutube