Recycling Can

It just bugs me when I look in a recycling can and see a Banana Peel, nuclear waste, or some other non-recyclable object. If being entirely blue is not enough to send the message this new can design (by QUALY) should make it obvious that this is recycling, not trash.

Of course, this assumes the reason for using a recycling can as trash is because people aren't clearly informed. Chances are, people being lazy or not caring is even a more important factor.

While I love the aesthetic of this can, how the recycling logo has become art, it also raises an important point. If you were solely creating this design to solve the problem of people putting trash in recycling, it's not going to work. When designing anything which modifies behavior, we must consider people's inherent nature, instead of assuming a more apparent signs (or instructions) will change things.

Found via Core77.