Post-its 2.0

These post it notes have a really well thought out design and back story. Designed by Inokuma and Naruse, they are not shaped like standard post-its as they have a triangular top, allow for better marking of pages.

But what is the really amazing design element is that the post-it pad forms a house symbolizing the back story of the note. They are made from wood, which has been reclaimed from old buildings. A brilliant way to remind customers how your product is sustainable.

Having a good back story and symbolism in your product helps customers to connect to it on a personal level. It gives them a story to tell others about the product, and makes them feel like they are part of something special. This then sells more of the product. Great design of a product is a key element for having great marketing. But don't ever let symbolic design get in front of functional design.

Found via SwissMiss.