Physical Music, Part 1

Music used to have very physical and tangible aspects to it. But, with the digital age, it has turned into being just a file. This series of blog posts will be exploring designer attempting to make music physical again.

The Playbutton, looks like an ordinary button, except it has a pair of headphones coming from it.

 But in reality, the playbutton brings physical elements and album art back into music. Each button is a low storage .mp3 player with an artist's album recorded on it. The artist selects the image they want to represent their album. The user can control with the play/pause, forward, and reverse buttons on the back of the button.

Perhaps the most powerful part of the product is the message it sends. Different artists will become different fashion statements. It is an innovative way to express one's self to the world, by letting them know, "I'm a _____ fan." Not to mention great publicity for the artist.

Found via CoolHunting.