Toddler Graffiti Artist

We've all seen the situation where a kid is left alone in a room with a box of crayons. Next thing you know, a small 8.5x11 paper becomes very uninteresting when compared to a large wall. The result; endless hours of scrubbing by the parents.

Dario Jandrijic took this problem, and created a product out of it, the KLEXL. It is a projector which allows kids to draw on the walls with special pens, which works through infrared.

This is a great example of foolish creativity! (Lets encourage kids to draw on walls) Instead of trying to solve the problem, Dario takes a new view of the problem to create a product opportunity. Where in our own lives can we take problems and turn them into a positive opportunity by looking at them from a different viewpoint?

Found via Core77.