The Greenest Scarf

I found the following knitting machine online, which is one of the coolest, and greenest, I have ever seen. This device harnesses the power of the wind, to knit a scarf.

To see it in action, see the video below. One of the amazing things to note, is that this knitting machine creates an ever dynamic art form, as the scarf continues to grow as time goes on. The wind, which powers the device, also breathes life into the scarf, making the device a piece of living artwork. An excellent example of combining productivity and energy efficiency with art and creativity. A video of the design is shown below.

Two final notes. First, notice the contrasting colors of yellow and blue, as well as how bright colors are used to contrast to dull city surroundings. Secondly, as a like to give credit where credit is due, the device was created by RCA grade Merel Karhof, and was found via MoCoLoco via core77.