Stunning Cereal Can

I've been getting into exploring packaging lately, and I love this creative idea for a cereal container created by Lacy Kuhn.

The package is relatively minimalistic and has a nice simple color scheme, drawing attention to the product. The cereal is smartly displayed, in a way which is humorous and appetizing. I can imagine the product will turn heads in the grocery aisle.

Without packaging, any product sold in a store front is nothing. You could have the best tasting cereal, but if it is in just a plain box, few people are going to try it. Packaging is required to bring people in, and then a quality product is required to keep them. Don't forget either component.

P.S. Using yellow as a single color on the package is brilliant, as it does not only draw attention to the product, but the color is known to increase appetite.

Found via lovelypackage.

Group Design

There’s a saying I love: “a camel is a horse designed by committee.” A variation is “a Volvo is a Porsche designed by committee.” Some of the best product advice I’ve ever heard goes something like “damn what the users want, charge towards your dream.” All of these statements are, of course, saying the same thing. When there are too many cooks in the kitchen all you get is a mess. And when too many people have product input, you’ve got lots of features but no soul.

- Michael Arrington, founder and co-editor of TechCrunch

Sadly, this is a trap many designers fall into at some point in their career. I know I have. Go for what you dream of! It may be an epic fail, or it may be an epic success, but either way it will be EPIC!

Applying Sci-fi

Hubless wheels, or a wheel without a center are often something seen in science fiction and  future concept vehicles.


While they look great, there are a number of issues in practicality and even just getting a prototype to function.  However, the hubless wheel design is not entirely in vain. In fact, it has even won design awards.


When used as a pizza cutter the hubless wheel is beautiful, functional and totally unique. What else can be designed, by taking sci-fi concepts, and finding a practical application? 

 Found via Core77. Motorcycle image from BusinessWeek.

One Bent Board, Two Types of Slots

LLSTOL is simple. Just two boards bent at slightly over 90 degrees, similar in every way except one has a slot on the left and the other on the right.

But with this simple design their are so many opportunities: Chairs, tables, book cases, sofas and much more. These two boards are basic building blocks of furniture. Check out the some of the pictures below:




Found via Core77.