Industrial Candle

I really like this industrial take on a candle by Fabien Gerlier. It is textured, minimalistic, and just plain cool. I love that there is a bit of magic, as the fuel source is not obvious.  Any perhaps, from the picture, it appears it can even be used to roast marshmallows?


Of course, if taken apart it can be seen there is a porous lid which covers a standard butane reservoir. The gas seeps up through the porous, creating the flame.


How can hidden elements improve your design? 

Found via MoCo Loco.

Bottles and Boats

These bottles are both playful an minimalistic. I love how the simple label by Designers Anonymous adds an element of humor to an otherwise relatively ordinary, although vintage, water bottle. I'm sure users will be quickly drinking their water to get it to the point where it appears the boat is floating.


What small changes can we make in our designs to make them fun an humorous?

Found via Lovely Package.

The Best of the Best

I recently found the Smithsonian released a book which covers some of the worlds best designs since the 1960's.


It has some fascinating stories, like how the world renown Coca-Cola bottle became its iconic and unique shape, which was organically inspired from nature.


The book is a great read and gives some excellent insights, but I think a bit more design could have been done in the packaging of the book itself. I know they say never to judge a book by its cover, but check out this design from "101Things I Learned in Architecture School". I love the plain, minimalistic but yet organic design of this cover.

Found via Cool Hunting.

The Right Thing

β€œAlways do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.”

β€” Mark Twain

I've got to love this quote. It was an attribute which was really stressed during my time at Mattel. And, while sometimes it can be incredibly hard to do the right thing, I have found it is always worth it.

Found via SwissMiss

A Box Outside of the Box

What is there to design and innovate in a box, a piece of storage equipment? Actually quite a bit depending on the application. Ben Masker developed Jokerboxes, which are designed grips in the film industry.

While the boxes are well designed storage units, with multiple smaller compartments, the lids make the boxes even better, as they can serve multiple purposes.

The lids can serve as clipboards, clapperboards, or these odd bases with four circles. Which come in useful when mounting lights or other equipment, basically anywhere.

Being familiar and working in a field are key to innovating. By knowing the real needs, simple, but amazing innovations can take place.

Found via Core77.